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Our COVID 19 Sanitisation and Cleaning Products and Services include:

  • Custom solutions – Custom Archways and Octagon walkthrough spray sanitisation systems ideal for commercial applications including retail sites, shopping malls, corporate offices, schools and other upmarket premises ( see brochure for details )
  • Auto hand sanitisation stations
  • Door openers
  • Large area sanitisation
  • Products coming soon – UV light sanitiser, counter screen and desk dividers, safety screens suspended from ceilings
  • Supply of bulk hand sanitiser

All premises sanitised by Powercote will receive a sanitation certificate specific to the area completed.

OCTAGON Disinfecting Station

A sturdy octagonal “walk through” disinfecting station for commercial application:

COVID-19 – Cleaning vs. Disinfecting


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the information online, so we have put together this document to help you safely clean and disinfect your home and business, our aim is to provide you cost effective solutions through sharing know how and product information.

What’s the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?

It’s important to note that cleaning a surface, such as removing dirt and particles, is not the same thing as disinfecting a surface that kills viruses and bacteria.
Often, you need to clean a surface with soap and water or another cleaning solution BEFORE you can effectively disinfect the surface. For example, if you bake cookies and your kitchen counter is covered in flour, sugar, egg, and other ingredients from your baking adventure, you will want to wipe down the surface with a soapy solution to remove the visible dirt. Then you can use a sanitizer on the non-porous countertop to disinfect the countertop from any lingering germs left behind.  The same goes for any surface that may have been in contact with someone who was ill. You will want to wear gloves to clean away any dirt on the surface.

What is a disinfectant product?

There are many products you can use to superficially clean hard surfaces, such as warm, soapy water, vinegar water solution sprays, or even essential oil solution sprays. However, those products have NOT been scientifically proven to effectively disinfect a surface from contaminants such as the coronavirus, influenza,
norovirus, etc.  It’s essential to pay attention to the active ingredients in your cleaning products. Below are common active ingredients found in the CDC and EPA recommended disinfectant cleaning products that can kill many viruses and bacteria:

• Ethanol alcohol (60%-90%)*
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Isopropyl alcohol (60%-90%)
• Quaternary Ammonium Compound (QAC)
• Sodium hypochlorite

The above is NOT an inclusive list, but it can help guide you as you look for products. You can view, our list of products is formulated to give you effective solutions at a very reasonable cost.

*Note: alcohol for human consumption is not an effective disinfectant
*Note: Alcohol disinfectants cannot be used on any surface as especially some rubber and plastic products react with strong alcohol-based products.

Top areas of the Home and Business to disinfect

It’s important to disinfect your home and to regularly launder your bedding, towels, and clothing to help prevent the spread of diseases. Your business challenges are even bigger as movement of people through your business can affect sanitation requirements. Consult your Health and Safety Specialist in your respective industry to advise you on the best practice required to beat Covid – 19.

Key areas you come into contact with numerous times a day should be regularly disinfected these include but are not limited to:

• Doorknobs
• Light switches
• Remote controls
• Phones
• Keyboards
• Backs of chairs
• Counters
• Doorways
• Bathrooms, especially at your business.
• Entrances to business parks, shopping centres, car parks and walkways,
• Railings and balustrades are everywhere, and it is required to use them to safely access staircases, it is critical that these be cleaned often.
• Car or Truck handles, steering wheel, door handles and keys are often used by different people.

Understanding your home or premises and the areas people use often is critical. We did not include every area to be considered but sure you will agree behaviour change is one of the key elements to insure everybody considers their role in insuring safety. “Clean as you go” comes to mind as a key solution. Don’t just employ more cleaners!!
If everybody cleans for 2 min every hour it will make a huge difference.
Each of us needs to change our personal hygiene habits so that we are not the cause of any virus or
disease being passed on.

Do I need to follow the directions on products?

Following the directions listed on the cleaning product is critical to successfully disinfecting an area. If you do not follow the directions carefully, especially when mixing the ingredient quantities and waiting for the solution to work, you may not disinfect the area. Adding more of an ingredient or product than recommended can damage surfaces or have other negative consequences and should be avoided. Always follow recommended safety protocols such as wearing gloves and avoiding contact with your eyes.
You can hurt yourself or others if you do not follow the directions and safety protocols.

A word of caution:

Mixing cleaning product ingredients is dangerous and can produce hazardous reactions and/or toxic gases. Cleaning product ingredients should never be mixed unless recommended by the manufacturer.

Below is a list of everyday cleaning products that when mixed, can cause dangerous reactions and/or toxic gases:

• Bleach and Vinegar
• Bleach and Ammonia
• Bleach and Toilet Bowl Cleaner
• Bleach and Rubbing Alcohol
• Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar

Again, this is NOT inclusive, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s or before combining any chemical cleaning ingredient or product. Our products are manufactured to be used as a single pack and you do not have to mix anything with them. The only exception is for diluting some of the products with water, follow these instructions carefully. Refer to product specific data sheet.

The good news.

Properly disinfecting our homes and work place and commonly touched objects helps prevent the spread of all contagious diseases, including COVID-19.
By implementing these best practices into our daily routines, at our homes and business we can build habits that won’t just help lessen the outbreak today but can help reduce the spread of other seasonal diseases as we look to the future.